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    PEB Dental DDS was established by Dr. Radhakrishana, MD & Dr. Rustogi, DDS to serve the local community in Piscataway, East Brunswick, and the surrounding area. Our goal is to provide comprehensive dental care for the Entire Family – Children and Adults.



    A Toothache is pain around a tooth that may be

    caused by:
    -Damaged filling
    -Infected gums
    -Grinding teeth.

    Visit your dental provider as soon as possible for proper identification & treatment of dental infection as it is important to prevent its spread to other parts of the face & bloodstream.


    Parents are encouraged to bring their concerns with each dental visit of their child & to alleviate their anxiety and boost morale. As busy parents ourselves, we help to fit dental appointments in your active life as early as 9am & as late as 5 pm.We also offer full family block appointments that allow all members of the family to be seen back to back.

    • Harsha Kotak

      After 30 Years with just one dentist, it was hard to go see a new dentist, but Dr. Uppal made me feel very comfortable, spent a lot of time, and took care of me. My anxiety to see a different dentist after 30 years was put at ease. The staff is excellent, and I am looking forward to another 30 years if possible.

    • Daksha Benjamin

      This was my first visit with Dr. Uppal and she made me feel very comfortable. She spent enough time with me and answered all my questions. There was no rush, and I was impressed with her accurate diagnosis. Her office is also nice and clean.
      Her staff was very courteous, understanding and very supportive to give an appointment and the time i wanted. There was not too much waiting. I would not hesitate to recommend her name to any one.

    • Ashna Kotak

      I was lucky enough to have met both Dr. Uppal and Dr. Chandra. Not only are they both extremely friendly, but they made the dreaded situation of going to the dentist more enjoyable. Both Doctors were knowledgeable and made sure all of my questions were answered while thoroughly explaining proactive ways to prevent future issues. These dentists use the latest technological advances available to them and it led to an extremely smooth experience. I would highly recommend P.E.B. Dental Office.

    • Vibhakar C. KotakResearch Professor at NYU

      Dr. Abhiskek Chandra recently attended me first time around for a deep cavity filing, and a difficult root canal. Back home, I was expecting pain from a dual treatment once the anesthetic effect wore off. Quite surprisingly, the pain was minimal despite I did not take heavy painkillers. This demonstrated to me his skill and patience fixing my dental problems. Generally I don't but I look forward to more visits so that he can fix my other dental problems! He, and his dental tech & staff are pleasant and amicable folks.